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Toilet Time - Mini Games app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 3984 ratings )
Games Entertainment Family Strategy
Developer: Tapps Tecnologia da Informação Ltda.
Current version: 2.7.5, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 25 Nov 2013
App size: 107.95 Mb

Are you tired of reading all your shampoo packages during your time on the toilet? Memorizing your toothpaste’s components has lost its appeal? Worry no more! Prepare yourself for some time-wasting fun with Toilet Time, a toilet-themed set of mini-games that is bound to entertain and amuse you when nature calls!

As seen on YouTube played by PewDiePie, LonnieDos, iHasCupquake, Annoying Orange and more!

Play thrilling and challenging mini games to accomplish missions and get special keys that you can use to unlock items of the world famous Toilet Museum. You can unravel amazing items such as the Egyptian and the Ecological urinals, the Robin Hood’s Potty or even the incredible Time Machine Toilet! It’s S-PEE-CTACULAR!

• (NEW) Don’t drop the soap: Tap the soap to avoid letting it drop on the floor!
• (NEW) Cover the seat: Drag the pieces of toilet paper to cover the toilet seat!
• (NEW) Squish the flies: Tap on the flies to kill them, avoiding the yucky bug!
• (NEW) Something in my Teeth: Remove the food stuck in the teeth by dragging it on the opposite direction
• (NEW) Trim the Beard: Trim the man’s beard without scratching his face
• (NEW) Call of Doodie: Navigate through the doors to get to the bathroom in this first-person “shooter” game
• (NEW) Diaper Throw: Tap the screen to throw the dirty diaper inside the trash bin
• (NEW) Wrong Tile: Find the different tile on the wall!
• Golden Fish - Guide the little pet fish to freedom by setting the plumbing straight
• Crowded Toilet - Count how many people checked in this public toilet
• Finish It - Ditch the meeting to finish your business.
• Erasing - Clean up the bathroom graffiti.
• Sticky Paper - Save the bride from public shaming and remove the toilet paper stuck on her shoes
• Cockroach – Tap on the screen and kill the yucky cockroaches coming out of the drain.
• Vacant - Find a vacant cabin to use.
• Temperature - Regulate the temperature of the shower.
• Accident - Prevent objects from the horrible fate of falling into the toilet.
• Tubes - Avoid the smelly toilets wrecked from far too many Tacos!
• Paper - Unroll the entire roll of toilet paper.
• Cleaning - Use your pee to clean the dirt from the toilet.
• Sort - Help men and women find the right bathroom.

Disclaimer: While this App is completely free to play, some additional content can be purchased for real money in-game. If you do not want to use this feature, please turn off in-app purchases in your devices settings.

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Pros and cons of Toilet Time - Mini Games app for iPhone and iPad

Toilet Time - Mini Games app good for

Awesome pass time. Enjoyable even if youre not on the toilet
I used to play this in my I pad but then I dalited the app.but now it doesnt Have a mini game that was so hard
I love this game and it doesnt take internet and every time you up date it you get more activities!
We would also like an option of playing any mini game on its own to practice. Also sometimes the toilet paper holding stuck to the girls shoe doesnt work.
I really love this game. I love all the mini games in it when I get on it I keep doing it for like 8 rounds. But it does have some really inappropriate parts like the poop and even though that is ok it still is a little weird. The insides of the person on the one level is weird too. Over all this game is still pretty fun and it is a must have
I love this game but has one problem... It doesnt let me erase the wall sometimes. But I love this game anyway

Some bad moments

Personally, I think this is a very fun and hilarious game but every time they ask if I want two more lives, the whole screen just freezes. It happens every time and glitches my phone so I am unable to play the game. Therefore, I cannot play the game if it glitches
Explain to me how ADULT ORIENTED ADS pop up in a game for kids. Parents, do NOT purchase this app. The ads were for porn and seen by my six year old. Im furious and disgusted and will be reporting this to Apple asap.
Seems in the new update they removed a lot of what makes this game funny and entraining. Including two of the mini-games. I figured it was just a matter of time before this game had to conform and become more PC... The world is no fun anymore.
Wow guys, horrible game. I dont even know why I got this. Maybe if you are looking to do something while being bored, get it. If not, dont bother. Other than that, Im speechless.

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